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Contract Packaging

Empack is highly equipped to provide you with all of your contract packaging needs with our turnkey manufacturing. Our goal is to help make your product a success. We build strong, professional relationships with all of our customers and provide industry leading service.

From day one, we carefully assess your needs. From there we collaboratively create a product that will help enhance your product line and add value with your customers.  Our Research & Development team strives to create an innovative, premium product that stands out to your customers. From there, we give you the opportunity to test and review.  We work together through each product development stage ensuring that the product is a successful addition to your brand assortment.

Empack has a Drug Establishment License (DEL) from Health Canada to manufacture DIN products and a Health Canada Site License to manufacture Natural Health Products (NPN).  Empack is the only company in Canada that is licensed to develop, formulate, blend and manufacture aerosol DIN products.

Bag On Valve (BOV)

Bag on Valve (BOV) technology allows for an innovative way to dispense your product as a continuous spray. This is a great solution for liquid, lotion and gel products.  Rather than using a non-aerosol pump, BOV allows you to aerosolize your current concentrate and offer a finer mist, easier application and eliminates leaking or spilling.  

Bag on Valve (BOV) Technology Benefits:

  • Ease of use for the consumer
  • Continuous spray – sprays at any angle
  • Liquid material does not mix with propellant
  • Pressurized by air – no propellants
  • Fully enclosed system
  • Can improve shelf life


Empack specializes in the manufacturing of aerosols. We offer a wide range of aerosol containers, labeling and packaging option. Our equipment and facility allows us to offer turnkey solutions, from formulations to product and propellant blending on-site to the final design and packaging. 

Benefits of Aerosols:

  • Efficient and even application results in better coverage
  • Easy to use and apply
  • Self contained – no leaking or spillage
  • Cost effective with less waste
  • When empty, cans are recyclable (steel or aluminium)
  • Wide range of sizes for travel to professional use

Liquid Filling

Empack is equipped to handle your company’s liquid filling needs. Our facilities can efficiently produce your liquid products from sunscreens to hand sanitizers and can handle a range of product types of various sizes. With competitive pricing, prompt delivery and excellent customer service, Empack is dedicated to making your product a success.

  • Range of plastic bottle and packaging options
  • Tubes available for lotions and gels
  • Non-aerosol spray pumps
  • Liquids, gels, creams and lotions
  • Mini-travel sizes and up


Empack facilities allow us to manage the entire product development to manufacturing process in-house including the research & development, formulating, blending, batching, production and packaging.  This ensures your finished goods not only meet, but exceed your expectations.  We are licensed to produce products requiring a DIN or NPN in Canada or an NDC in the United States.

  • Two facilities totalling 125,000 sq.ft.
  • Current Capacity: 60,000,000 cans annually
  • Two Buildings: Personal Care Products facility and Industrial Products facility
  • Fully automated, state of the art filling lines
  • Two high-tech on-site R&D laboratories
  • Accurate, fast, high precision aerosol filling
  • Aluminum and Steel can filling capabilities
  • Propellant blending on-site
  • Bulk solvent storage tanks

Research & Development

The Empack Research and Development team bring years of expertise to meet your company’s needs. Our fully equipped on-site Research & Development laboratories offer complete product development and testing. Our laboratories work with the latest state of the art equipment including HPLC, Liquidphysics, GC and FTIR.

Empack offers both Bag on Valve (BOV) and traditional aerosols for you to choose from for pressurized solutions.  Non-aerosol product development includes liquids, gels, lotions, creams and waxes.

Quality Assurance

Empack is committed to providing you premium quality products and industry leading service. Our Quality Assurance team has built a strong reputation for ensuring that products are manufactured to your specification and expectation. Our Quality Assurance includes well-established quality control systems and procedures, on-site management and testing, and comprehensive oversight on all production, materials and product components.

  • Drug Establishment License (DEL) from Health Canada to manufacture drug products (DIN)
  • Site License from Health Canada to manufacture Natural Health Products (NPN)
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certified
  • Focus on high quality materials and components
  • On-site quality control managers test, log and store product samples for each production run 

Regulatory Expertise

The Empack regulatory team has world-wide experience in product, shipping and VOC compliance regulations.  We will assist you with your regulatory formulation and packaging needs. 

Our expertise includes:

  • Canada: DIN and NPN production and regulatory requirements
  • USA:  NDC production and regulatory requirement
  • Formulations and filling to ensure VOC Compliance
  • Canada, USA and Internationally complying with Global Harmonized System (GHS) 
  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS) development
  • Shipping regulations and compliance

Marketing Support

Our experienced marketing team can offer assistance and guidance with your product development. We will present you with container options, packaging choices and ensure you receive all the regulatory and design information you require to launch a new product.  Our marketing team has years of experience with consumer and industrial products and understands the dynamic requirements of the retail and professional trade markets.