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Bag on Valve (BOV) Technology & Benefits

On September 18, 2014 / Manufacturing / Leave a comment

Bag on Valve (BOV) technology allows for an innovative way to dispense a product as a continuous spray. This is a great solution for liquid, lotion and gel products. For example, many sunscreen aerosols use BOV technology.

Empack Spraytech Inc. offers BOV technology and manufacturing. BOV technology includes an aerosol valve and welded bag and is employed in situations where you do not want your liquid product interacting with the propellant or require a continuous spray (will spray at any angle). The use of BOV technology comes with many benefits when compared to either a non-aerosol pump or a traditional aerosol.

Rather than using a non-aerosol pump, BOV technology allows for you to aerosolize your liquid product and offer a finer mist spray. The product is also fully contained in the BOV so there is no leaking or spilling to be concerned about. As the liquid is fully contained in the sealed container and will not come in contact with oxygen, this can help reduce its degradation and improve its shelf life.

BOV technology is also used instead of traditional aerosols when products require a continuous spray, or in other words, need to be sprayed at any angle. They are convenient for consumers and make applying the product to hard to reach areas easier. BOV is an ideal solution especially in cases where your product cannot mix with the propellant. BOV containers are also pressurized by air or nitrogen and not traditional propellants. This can potentially help reduce the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOC) used, making for a more environmentally friendly option.

While BOV is more commonly used for personal care and health & wellness products, there are many applications in other markets as well such as automotive, industrial and outdoors.




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