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What is an aerosol?

An aerosol is a compressed, enclosed substance that is released as a spray from a pressurized container. Products such as hair spray, air fresheners, and cleaning products are often found in aerosol formats.

Are aerosols recyclable?

Most aerosols are made of steel or aluminium containers. Aerosols are recyclable when empty however you must contact your local recycling facility to see if they accept empty aerosol cans.  If the can is full, please also contact your local recycling facility about your recycling options.

What packaging formats can Empack accommodate?

Empack can accommodate a wide variety of packaging formats for liquid, cream and gel products including aerosols, bag on valves, non-aerosols and tubes.

Do Empack products contain CFC's?

CFC’s deplete the ozone layer and have not been used since the 1970s regulation of CFCs took place. Today, CFCs are not used in the manufacturing of aerosols in North America. Beyond this, Empack is committed to searching for and using environmentally friendly propellants and solutions.

Does Empack formulate and blend products?

Yes, Empack formulates and blends products. We are a full service manufacturing company and offer turnkey product solutions.  We are capable of all your blending and batching needs.  This includes the ability to blend propellents on-site.

What is Bag on Valve technology?

Bag on Valve (BOV) technology allows for an innovative way to dispense your product as a continuous spray. This is a great solution for liquid, lotion and gel products.  Rather than using a non-aerosol pump, BOV allows you to aerosolize your current concentrate and offer a finer mist, easier application and with no leaking or spilling. BOV technology also allows continuous sprays to spray at any angle, which makes applying to hard to reach areas much easier.

Can Empack make DIN products in Canada?

Yes, Empack has a Drug Establishment License (DEL) from Health Canada to manufacture DIN products such as sunscreen. Empack is the only aerosol manufacturer in Canada that can formulate, batch and manufacture DIN products in-house.

Does Empack make specialty and/or private label products?

Yes Empack makes specialty and private label products. Feel free to contact us if you have a specialty or private label aerosol packaging or liquid filling need. We will work with you in identifying your specifications and determining the best action plan for your product. We’ll provide support from the initial product development to the final packaging stage. If you’re interested in launching a specialty product, please fill free to email us at